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Obtaining Import Quota
for Permanent import
for Temporary Import – Re-export
for Temporary Export – Re-import
Land transport Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia
for heavylifts, OOG cargo
for containers and General cargo
for LCL and airfreight shipments
Customs Clearance
inside Vietnam territory
in Laos & Cambodia
Customs Transit Formalities
for cargo inside Vietnam
for cargo to Laos
for cargo to Cambodia
Tax Exemption
(applicable for Vietnam only)
Registration & Working Licence
for Temporarily Imported Vehicles
Non-commercial and Commercial cargo
Water transport South East Asia
barging Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore & Thailand
Oceanfreight of project cargo
outbound to S.E. Asia countries
inbound from overseas to Vietnam ports
Project supporting services
provision of pick-up, fuel, teamworks, supervisors
visa and working licences arrangement
normal warehouse 13,500 sq.m. (operating now)
CFS high-standard warehouse 5,500m2 (operating now)
temperature controlled warehouse 5,000m2 (2009)
Expertise Consultancy on transport
route survey / bridges evaluation
method statement